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Thursday, October 04, 2007



Fiance's parents are throwing an engagement party for us this Saturday.  This party has been quite the ordeal, as I think I've said before.  But I think... I hope... that in the end we'll all have a great time.

To prepare for this momentous event, I decided it was time again to brave the hair salon and spruce up my hair with some highlights.  I was able to make an appointment at the same place I got highlights a few months ago, although the stylist I saw last time was booked.

I'm always nervous about going new places and having a new stylist, but I have to admit that Tina at Fiddleheads in DC gets two thumbs up!  Not only did she give me great highlights, but she also styled my hair effortlessly so that it looked great!  I was so pleased that I bought some Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Gel.  Hopefully on Saturday I will get the same lovely results!

Having curly hair is tough stuff... but there's my shameful plug.

Fiance and I are currently watching Undeclared on DVD.  It's cute, but not life-altering.  They didn't get to make that many episodes before the show was canceled.  After this show I think fiance has finally roped me into watching The Wire.  I've only heard incredible things about it... so we'll see!

As for fall shows, so far I've been uninspired.  What are you watching, Internet?


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