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Tuesday, October 02, 2007



I'm baaaaaaaaaack.

And I'm happy to be here!

I survived the end of my classes, and I believe I scored a decent enough grade on the final to make a B in the class.  So, my chances at grad school are not totally obliterated.  Things may actually work out!

I was going to back track a bit to catch you up, Internet, but last night was so exciting that I should probably just start from there.

It was a typically day at work.  Fiance and I had planned on going to Paper Source after work to buy supplies for me to make save-the-date cards.  We had to hurry home because the store closes at 7pm.  Unfortunately, the metro train had other plans.

It was absolutely packed, so I couldn't even get on a train until three completely full ones had already passed me by.  We were stuffed into the cars like sardines, the A/C either wasn't on or at least wasn't doing much of anything, and I was wearing a sweater and wool pants.  Needless to say, I was HOT and SWEATING.  After a few stops I started to feel nauseous... then it occurred to me that I felt like I was going to pass out.  It happened pretty quickly, but I probably had enough time to a) dart out of the train at the next stop and just wait there until the feeling passed b) just plop down on the train floor, despite the hoards of people around me c) ask a guy if I could have his seat. 

I didn't do a, b or c.  So, I passed out.

My vision got narrow, I couldn't hear anything, and I knew I'd passed the point of no return.  Next thing I know, I'm down on the ground and every is looking at me asking if I'm okay.  Someone is hoisting me into a nearby seat.  The train isn't moving.  The conductor is in front of me on his walkee talkee saying, "we have a sick passenger on the train."

I felt awful!  First these people have to get home later than they'd like because of an earlier train backup, but then they're held there, still packed up against one another, because some girl is too stupid too get off the train and instead passed out!  Who knows if I fell on someone first (like the tiny Asian woman who had been standing beside me).  It was ridiculous.

In high school I was in the marching band.  On the first day of summer band camp every year I would pass out... the heat, the sun, and locking my knees... the deadly combo.  Apparently the metro causes a similar effect.

If you were on the train last night... sorry!  Everyone around me was exceptionally kind and helpful, but let's hope it doesn't happen again.


Blogger Loralee Choate said...

ACK! That is wretched. Passing out is no fun. (Done it a couple of times on stage. Hot lights, adrenaline and not eating don't mix well)

When we were in London the line was shut down for hours and hours because someone threw themselves under the train.

I'm sure the commuters would have rather dealt with your situation.

11:45 PM  

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