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Thursday, October 11, 2007


No Closeups, Please

Incase you were wondering, Internet, the engagement party on Saturday night went extremely well. 

It was very casual, there was lots of food, my mom's three tiered cake turned out incredible, tables were set up in the yard with candles on them and confetti with our names written it, there were plenty of drinks, and the white lights in the trees looked great.  Fiance's mother had someone make a DVD slideshow of photos of he and I growing up and then as we got older.  It was pretty cute.  One of my only complaints was that I felt like I couldn't talk to and hang out with everyone I wanted to... the evening felt so short and I was running back and forth between people.  I was so busy running that I didn't eat much of the delicious looking food - I was just too excited!

But, I was disappointed that more people didn't take photos!  I didn't get a single posed photo with my maid of honor or any of the other bridesmaids.  Hell, I didn't even get a posed photo with my fiance!

There was one woman with a super fancy digital camera who took pictures throughout the night, but she was really only doing candids.  And not just candids... candid closeups! 

So if anyone wants to see some REALLY high definition closeups of my face where you can get a great look at SWEAT, hair frizz, red eye, tooth yellowing, moles, or any other imperfection I have got a boat load of great pics for you!  Consider it your lucky day!

I don't mean to sound ungrateful (although.. I guess I am...) but the experience has made me so thankful about the photographer we've hired for the wedding.  Our photographer does a mix of digital and film photography, and she retouches everything.  Thank GOD!  I need something to soften my fanged, sweaty dinosaur look.

I keep checking back to the website where the photos are to see if I've missed just ONE good photo of me, but it's just not there!  It also makes me want to go nuts about my hair yet again!

Let's just hope I'm more photogenic come July 2008...


Blogger Loralee Choate said...

You know? I loved all the weddings I've gone to where they have disposable cameras at the table. You get GREAT candids. It's perfect when mixed in with the professional photographs.

Your photographer can only do so much. And they won't know you and your relationship with people like your family and friends.

I'd really think about it considering your disappointment.

4:41 PM  

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